Sparky And The Wheezles

The Glen Meadow Chronicles

Welcome to Glen Meadow

Welcome to the home of Sparky and Bosco Wheezle, Mitch Leastweasel, Zippy the Keyboard Lounge Weasel and all their friends.  Here is where you will find information about Sparky's book, Sparky And The Wheezles: Decision At Glen Meadow.  You will also find information about the two other books in the Glen Meadow Saga, Lady Frieda: Master Healer Of Glen Meadow, and Benji The Greaser: Savior Of Glen Meadow.


Join in the fun as we discover facts about the small creatures of Glen Meadow, the natural history of the Sierra Nevada and the rich culture and heritage of the humans and animals who have made this part of the world one of the most fascinating places on the planet.